About Yoshi Yogurt
So… who do you think we are?
Are we the tastiest, freshest, yummiest frozen yogurt you have ever heard of? Maybe yes.
See, over here you can make your yogurt and eat it too.
So come in and let’s have a toast and a cup of frozen yogurt.
The only limitation is your imagination.
Warmest welcomes from the Yoshi Yogurt family.

Tell me about the frozen yogurt
Frozen yogurt is good for you.
Yoshi Yogurt is full of probiotics that help our digestive systems.
Good source of calcium and protein, great source of taste.
It is 98% fat-free.
Every day, we have 5 different flavors out of a total of 50, and 
over 25 different toppings, the combinations are endless. 
I am your creation.

Email: yoshi@yoshiyogurt.com   ivanzhao2006@163.com  Tel: +86-755-23948599